ALL About Our Queens Dog Training Program!

ALL About Our Queens Dog Training Program!

Sometimes, behavioral problems seem to pop up out of nowhere. One day, you have a happy, well-adjusted dog or puppy, and the next he/she is aggressive or anxious. Sometimes, this can be caused by a health problem. Arthritis, urinary tract infections, or (more rarely, of course) rabies can drastically affect a dog’s behavior.

We offer reward based, balanced training in Queens and Manhattan!

However, if health concerns have been ruled out, owners must look elsewhere for an explanation. A new home, a new addition to the family, new noises, new neighbors, the death of a loved one or another pet, or your dog’s own instincts as he/she reaches adolescence are all examples of potential triggers. If you’re having a hard time deciphering the reason why your dog’s behavior has become less than desirable, I can help.

The main focus of Queens Dog Training’s in-home consultation is finding the root cause of a dog’s behavioral problem. After we get to know you and your dog and come to understand the situation a bit better, we can design a program to fix the problem.

The earlier we begin working to modify your dog’s behavior, the easier the process will be. However, Excelsior’s training programs are effective no matter how long the behavior has been occurring, the age of your dog, the dog’s breed, etc. I won’t turn any dog away, and I have yet to meet one I haven’t been able to help.

The keys to my training programs are communication and dedication. I’ll teach you to communicate with your pet, your pet to focus on and listen to you, and I’ll remain committed to your training goals until the job is complete–not on a session by session basis.

If your dog has been exhibiting any signs of behavioral problems, don’t hesitate to give me a call today. We can talk about your unique situation and schedule an in-home consultation. Contact me at 800.649.7297 and begin seeing positive changes sooner rather than later!