Cody: Dog Aggression Case Study – Dog Training Queens Blog

Cody: Dog Aggression Case Study – Dog Training Queens Blog

We’ve all seen dogs play and rough house with each other. This is normal play behavior with dogs and shouldn’t be a major concern. However, there are dogs that will engage in this typical behavior, and at times, will take it a step too far.

Dog aggression is quite common, and sometimes the behavior isn’t seen as very serious. Just because no one draws blood doesn’t make it less of a problem. Dogs can still be very playful and rough, and go on without any issues. But these dogs with boundaries have exactly that – boundaries. Those without boundaries, or those who that don’t understand them, can take their playful behavior to something bigger, inappropriate, and possibly dangerous.

Dog Aggression Case Study by Dog Training Queens NYCTake for example, one of my latest clients, Rebecca, who signed her dog, Cody, up for training after he got into a huge altercation at the dog park. Cody is a playful pup, and he always wanted to be interacting with other dogs. Cody would not be too timid to rough house with some of the other dogs in the park – he was well-known for being just about everyone’s friend, even with the aggressive play he exhibited. However, one day, one of his supposed best friends snapped at Cody after she had had enough of him knocking her over on her back. Cody’s response was not to back off, but rather bite at his best friend’s neck. This then caused a domino effect where all the other dogs ended up in a pile, all fighting. It was a big mess, and a couple of dogs ended up on their way to their emergency vets.

With my dog training here in Queens, I teach the dog about restrictions and boundaries. Every one has to have boundaries, and that includes dogs. They must understand what is acceptable behavior, and what is deemed inappropriate. In Cody’s case, he felt like king of the dog park, and when someone (one of his best friends at the park) defied him, he lashed out aggressively. He did it because he did not know that was a problem – everything was fair game for Cody at the dog park! We had to take Cody and step back, and teach him that while he has great boundaries with people, he must apply similar boundaries with other dogs.

One of the biggest fears that Rebecca had for Cody was that he would not be able to behave in a dog park environment ever again. The dog park was Cody’s main source of exercise and socialization, and Rebecca was distraught over the idea of taking that away from Cody. We are halfway through Cody’s training, and while he is not ready to return to the dog park yet, we are not eliminating it completely from his future. Rules and boundaries have been established for Cody, and we are working our way to ensuring those rules and boundaries are carried on into all different environments for Cody. It’s a journey, for sure, but with my Queens dog training programs, we don’t follow the idea that behavioral change is impossible. Dogs can still succeed, no matter what behavioral issue is at hand!

Does your dog have some aggression issues with other dogs? Are you concerned that your dog is anxious around other dogs, and that he/she might eventually lash out, due to fear or anxiety? Don’t wait until things escalate – call us now at 800-649-7297!