Puppy Training Queens – Get That Puppy Trained!

Puppy Training Queens – Get That Puppy Trained!

Without a doubt, puppies bring a lot of joy and smiles to most people. When bringing a new puppy into the home, it is important to allow the puppy to get accustomed to it’s new environment and family. However, while adjusting takes place for the puppy, it is important for you as the owner to start implementing some basic training for your new fur baby!

Why is puppy training so important? Well, why is schooling our children so important? It’s to show them how to function in their world. It’s to show how to succeed in life and what will bring failure. Puppy training is about shaping our puppy’s behavior to something that would be appropriate and rewarding for the puppy and family. It is about showing the right behaviors and how to achieve them and the consequent success it brings!

Puppy Training Queens NYCSome dog owners think puppy training is limited to only housebreaking and maybe a few basic Sit or Lie Down commands. While very important, there is more to puppy training other than these two elements. With puppy training, there should be a socialization aspect of it. There should be some covering of leash behavior. In training, a puppy should learn boundaries, get on a steady routine of playtime/exercise (based on their size, breed, etc.), and most importantly with all of these, the puppy should be set up for success when it comes to their training.

As owners, we must lead our puppies and develop a familial bond with them, and establish a leadership role within ourselves. If we cannot direct our puppy to better decisions and situations, the puppy will have no one to turn to for leadership. In this case, the puppy can either take the reins themselves and make themselves head of the pack, which should NOT be the case, as the owner is the leader of the house! Instead of this though, a puppy could choose to avoid any type of leadership position, but because no one will fill it, this could lead to serious anxiety development within a puppy. Consequently, the puppy can start demonstrating some behavioral issues, such as destructive behavior, separation anxiety, aggression, and more.

Puppy training is pretty easy, but don’t think it’s an overnight curriculum. Owners must stay consistent and show the puppy that everything they are being taught is a carried on for a lifetime, especially as they mature into grown dogs. If an owner wants a well-behaved dog, then start working toward a well-behaved puppy! Once you take care of everything early, then there are slim chances of having to deal with major behavioral problems once the puppy becomes an adult!

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