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Professional NY Dog Trainer – Mark Peña

Mark Peña, (shown here with his dog Gem), grew up surrounded by dogs, and to this day possesses a natural affinity that keeps dogs gravitating toward him. At a young age Mark was enthralled with his family dogs who were trained by his father to flush out and retrieve fowl during his family’s annual pheasant hunting trips. Mark’s fascination continued as a teenager when he witnessed his brother, Matt, train his beloved fawn Doberman Pincher, Mariah. Mark’s admiration for Mariah’s intelligence, obedience, and devotion to Matt raised his interest in dog training to another level, and he set out to train one of Mariah’s pups to be their grandparent’s companion dog. Not surprisingly, Mark was always a first choice to perform dog sitting duties for family and friends after school and over weekends.

Fast forward to the present, after college and a successful run in the corporate world, Mark has now turned his natural kinship with canines into a labor of love. As a professional dog trainer and behavior specialist, Mark gained his certification through the rigorous study and education offered by renowned dog trainer John Van Olden and the Canine Trade Group. This network of experienced, professional dog trainers is dedicated to the highest standards of conduct, knowledge, training and service, and it’s what sets them apart from other trainers. In addition, Mark solidified his training through the sage tutelage of Tom Porier, CTG member and owner of Camelot Dog Training, who guided Mark and helped him turn that expert knowledge into practical application.

It is with this knowledge and compassion that Mark strives to help families and their dogs find harmony in the home. He does so by teaching balanced, science based training methods that improve both behavior and communication between canines and their humans. Mark offers a full range of training, from fundamental puppy obedience, to resolving behavioral issues such as anxiety and aggression in mature dogs. Taking on any age, and any breed, Mark hasn’t turned away a furry friend yet. When he’s not helping families and their pets, Mark volunteers at the Stamford Animal Care Center.

Backed by the expertise of over 40 other professional dog trainers within the Canine Trade Group, there is no issue too difficult for Mark to tackle. If you’d like to contact him, Mark will be glad to conduct an in-home consultation, and assessment of your dog’s behavior. As a commitment-based trainer, rest assured Mark will work with you and your dog until all of your training goals are fulfilled.

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