Best Dog Trainer in Forest Hills

Are you a dog owner in Forest Hills with questions about how to best guide your dog to behavioral balance? If you are looking for the best dog trainer in Forest Hills, you have come to the right place!

If you’re curious about training and behavioral correction, welcome to Excelsior Dog Training. We are a professional dog training company who prides themselves on personalized, patient, and hands-on, in-home dog training.

So what makes us so special?

  • Looking for the best dog trainer in Forest Hills? At-home training techniques. Our lessons begin in the comfort of your home, where we’ll assess the training approaches that are best for your situation. By making the appointments on your time, it eliminates the need for you to drop your dog off and pick them off later, and also allows the dog to learn in a place where they already feel comfortable. For nervous or old dogs, this can make the process that much smoother.


  • Behavioral correction, no matter the problem. Our trainer understand that teaching and correcting can get frustrating. A dog can pick up behaviors from others or just seemingly on its own and you might be stumped about how to fix them. We see a range of complex problems on a regular basis and are comfortable addressing them all, including: aggression, resource guarding, anxiety, jumping, and many more.


  • We teach YOU. A lot of training facilities will take your dog off your hands for a few hours a week and return them with new manners. We take a different approach: We let you get hands-on with the training the whole time, so that you know exactly what your dog does best, and how to get them to behave when the time comes.

Curious? Give us a call today at 718.855.4425 to get started and speak to a professional trainer about what’s best for you and your dog or send us an email here.