Aggressive Dog Training: Your Dog Can Overcome Aggression!

Here at Excelsior Dog Training, we offer a Queens aggressive dog training program because we know that aggression is a behavior issue that can be treated. When a dog begins showing signs of aggression, many people’s knee-jerk reactions are to re-home the dog or even “put the dog down”.

Instead of giving up on the dog, why not find the dog the help it deserves to overcome this issue?

Another myth we as dog trainers sometimes hear is that when dogs bite or “get a taste of blood”, there’s no hope for them. This is just not true…aggressive dogs CAN change for the better and find behavioral balance! Aggression is a behavior issue, not an immediate death sentence. Even for dogs that have drawn blood from a person or another animal, can get this behavior corrected!

Aggressive dogs can be helped with our Queens dog training programs!Our aggressive dog training and rehabilitation training is suitable for dogs with all types of aggression issues, including human aggression, dog aggression, food aggression, fear aggression, child/baby aggression, toy aggression, leash aggression, and more. With any of our clients, we always conduct an initial in-home assessment, so that we can determine the best training protocol based on the dog’s behaviors, needs, and their owner’s goals. After that, we always make it a point to set the dog up for success as much as possible. We lay a foundation down of basic obedience for the dog, while also training the owners to become competent handlers and confident leaders for their dog. Training always begins at home, so that owner and dog can better themselves in a controlled and familiar setting. Once they progress, then we introduce distractions and triggers to the dog, who is now more equipped to face these. All the training sessions are tightly controlled, even with distractions present, and we work on building the dog’s confidence and desensitizing them so that aggression is no longer an option or even a desire for the dog.

While working with a dog trainer in Oakland we talked about how aggression can be linked back to anxiety. This anxiety can come from many different sources. Perhaps the dog is taking the role as a leader, and they’re taking it to an aggressive level because no one has told them otherwise that this was inappropriate. Maybe the dog is biting because he/she is timid and scared all the time. Maybe the dog grew up in an aggressive environment and that is all they have known. In just these few situations, an aggressive dog can still overcome this serious issue! It requires an owner who is willing to be a leader and consistent with the boundaries they set for the dog. Aggression is not the solution for aggression…owners should always set it up where training can be as positive as possible. But along with the treats and rewards, there must be firm boundaries in place, and it is only fair to the dog that the owner decide what they want from the dog, and continuously enforce the boundaries and show them how to behave and succeed!

It’s a tricky and sometimes scary issue, but owners can teach their dogs how to calm down and lose the aggressive streak. If you have an aggressive dog and are need professional guidance, give us a call at 718.855.4425 and we’ll tell you more about our aggressive dog training program!

Change is possible, even with an aggressive dog….contact us and don’t give up on your pup!