Can Hyperactivity Lead to More Aggressive Behavior?

A hyperactive dog can be, at best, considered high strung and maybe a bit annoying. Many people don’t recognize hyperactivity to be a behavioral issue…some will chalk it up to the dog’s breed, sometimes combined with the dog’s younger age. Hyperactivity is a behavioral issue that can be treated through physical exercise and mental exercise (i.e.: behavior training!), and it should be addressed immediately. Not only will it give your dog some mental relief, but it could stop other issues from forming, including destruction or even aggression.

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Dogs need a job!

Aggression is another behavioral issue that be addressed through training, but it is one of the toughest behavior problems for dogs. An aggressive dog can cause some serious damage, both physical and mental. My dog training in Queens NY here includes an aggressive dog training program, and many of my clients that pursue this option are at their wit’s end or at the brink of losing their dog (either through surrender or potential euthanasia) due to their aggressive behavior. 

Many dog parents wouldn’t think hyperactivity would lead to aggression problems, but the truth is, it’s a lot more common than one might think. If you put a lot of thought into it, just think about where hyperactivity comes from. Your dog might be a breed that is more high energy in comparison to others, but hyperactivity isn’t something a dog is born with, it is learned and often accidentally reinforced.

Dogs that hyper are usually experiencing some anxiety, which is typically stemming back to some boredom and/or lack of direction. Aggression is often linked to these problems. Hyperactivity can be the precursor to aggression. When a dog is bored or anxious, they are left to their own devices, without any type of guidance to show them how to relieve this stress and to find good behavior habits. Physical exercise can be a great solution to combat this problem, but training can also help and expedite the behavior and results that we are working toward for our dog.

If your dog is experiencing boredom and anxiety, then they going to find ways to keep themselves occupied. Not all dogs will seek the most appropriate activity to keep themselves busy, some dogs who do not know better will try out destructive behaviors, excessive behaviors (such as barking or digging), and even aggressive behaviors (such as growling, lunging, or biting). If your dog is hyperactive, they’re already suffering. Don’t make them suffer more and teach them that aggression is a possibility for them! Bring them peace of mind and eliminate the opportunity for more severe behavior issues!

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