Dog’s Need Physical and Mental Exercise

When choosing a dog breed, many people base their decision solely on aesthetics. Numerous dog owners are guilty of selecting a dog breed that requires more exercise than they are willing and able to provide. There are several determining factors that influence the frequency and intensity of your dog’s exercise needs. If your dog isn’t getting sufficient physical and mental exercise, you may notice several behavioral problems as a result of their inactivity.

Our Queens dog training programs can help your dog!

Working dogs NEED a job! Keeping your dog’s mind active will tire him out both mentally and physically.

As with many things in life, consistency is key. It is very important to create and stick to an exercise routine with your dog. I highly recommend taking your dog on daily walks or jogs and playing a good game of fetch to exercise their body and mind. I have come across many dog owners who complain about having a hyperactive dog. Their way of resolving this behavior is by tiring the dog out through excessive physical exercise; this way the dog won’t have any energy to misbehave. This may be a quick fix for some, but what about those days where your dog doesn’t go to daycare or can’t run around aimlessly in the backyard due to bad weather conditions? Is your dog still lounging around and being well-behaved or are they up getting into mischief?

Here at Excelsior Dog Training we will not only teach your dog to respond to basic commands, but we challenge them to think and choose to follow the commands. Our training program is geared toward both physical and mental exercise. We work with your dog to help them learn to concentrate and obey in the presence of distractions. Although exercise is great, it is important to address the root of your dog’s mischievous ways. Your dog’s excessive behaviors may be due to a lack of mental stimulation and physical exercise.

If you’re the owner of a dog that has behavior issues, we can help! Our training will not only give you peace of mind, but we will also lay the foundation for a trusting relationship between you and your canine companion. Call me today at 718.855.4425.