How Does Anxiety Lead to Aggression?


There are only a few causes of behavioral issues such as aggression, the most common cause is anxiety. Most people think when a dog is acting aggressively it’s because they want to be mean, or have a mental issue. This is rarely ever the reason, simply because dog’s are not like people in that sense, they don’t do things out of malice or spite. Mental issues can ONLY be ruled out by veterinarian and/or a neurologist.

GSD being trained to sitIn majority of cases, the dog has some level of underlying anxiety that is causing them to react in an aggressive manor. Aggression is not a way or life, it’s simply a reaction!

Let’s take territorial aggression for example, the dog is usually fine until they feel their territory is being threatened, so they become anxious about that, which leads to them showing aggression to let the person or animal know. It’s really just a form of communication for a dog, now don’t get me wrong it is unacceptable behavior, but it does not mean a dog is a bad, or beyond hope.

In order to address and correct aggression, you have to address the anxiety causing it. You need to teach the dog how you want them to act, and you need to set boundaries, structure and most importantly give them guidance! Dogs are always looking for guidance from us! When a dog does not know what to do, they either look to their owner for direction, or they take things into their own “paws”. Our training teaches you to be the leader so your dog doesn’t have to worry about making that decision on their own.

If you have a dog that is suffering from some form of aggression, whether it’s human or dog know that they are NOT beyond hope, and change IS possible! Give us a call at 718.855.4425 to learn how we can help your dog achieve behavior balance!