We Train ALL Dog Breeds

At Excelsior Dog Training, we accept all types of dogs in our in-home dog training programs. For our group classes, there are some restrictions when it comes to what behavior issues a potential canine student may be exhibiting, so that the class can be safe and move forward at the necessary pace. But a dog’s breed will NEVER prohibit them from any of our Queens NY dog training programs.

Professional Dog Training Queens NY provided by Excelsior Dog TrainingOur Queens NY dog trainer has worked with dogs of all sizes and breeds. From teacup size to extra large, all our dog training programs can help all breeds of dogs from all different backgrounds. Breed will never have an impact on a dog’s ability to enroll in our dog training programs. There are many dog trainers out there that will work on only certain breeds because that is their speciality (i.e.: hunting dogs, K9 dogs, etc.), but there are also trainers that will refuse to work with certain breeds, usually ones that are considered “aggressive” or “dangerous”. Dog breeds like Rottweiler, Doberman, German Shepherd, Chows, and the bully breeds unfortunately get a bad reputation in our society, but these breeds are not genetically predisposed to aggression. No matter that breed your dog is, any dog CAN be aggressive, if you allow them to be.

Smaller breeds are welcome to be part of our dog training programs, and we highly encourage it. Many smaller dogs tend to get away with their “little dog syndrome” and with inappropriate behaviors, due to their size and the lessened damage they can inflict. While a small dog may not be able to seriously injure someone in comparison to an 80lb Pitbull, there can still be damage and the behavior can get out of control if it is not addressed. If a dog is experiencing anxiety or aggression and we as their owners do nothing about it, we are doing a major disservice to the dog. It doesn’t matter what breed the dog is…no dog deserves to live an isolated life of anxiety, aggression, and unhappiness.

If your dog needs dog training for any behavior issue and they are getting rejected due to their breed, then call Excelsior Dog Training. Even if your dog is exhibiting severe behavior problems and has been turned away from other trainers due to their behavior, don’t give up on them! Change is possible with our expert Queens NY dog trainer, who has worked with some of the toughest cases in the city.

Our Queens NY in-home dog training programs are great for all dogs with different behaviors, especially those that have more serious or disruptive behaviors such as leash reactivity, anxiety, and aggression. Our group classes which are held in a variety of different locations are more suitable for dogs that need some of the basic obedience training, like with commands, proper greetings, etc. All breeds can be included in either our group or in-home dog training programs. When you contact Excelsior Dog Training, our office staff will find the best dog training program that will meet your dog’s needs and your training goals.

For more information on our dog training programs, explore our website and give us a call at 718.855.4425, or send us an e-mail using our contact form.