Excelsior Dog Training Queens NY Programs – Training for ALL dogs! 

We offer programs to suit every owner’s needs

Our most popular programs are our in-home training programs. We specialize in aggressive dogs and dogs dealing with severe behavioral problems like hyperactivity, trouble housebreaking, excessive barking, digging, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, and more.


Why Do We Recommend In-Home Training?

We also offer an in-home training program geared especially toward puppies, during which the trainer can help ensure the puppy and his/her family are bonding in a healthy manner and he/she is acclimating well to the new environment.

Our most recent in-home training program is Cribs & Canines, in which new or expecting parents can enroll to help their dog(s) adjust to the idea of a new baby.

In-home training has proven to be the most effective course of action when dealing with these particular challenges because all of these problems require the owners to be involved in the training process, and they are home-centric. Removing a dog from the home in these situations and introducing several new people/stressors could result in failed or ineffective training.

However, if your dog is just a little rough around the edges, and you’d simply like him/her to listen a bit better or learn basic commands, group training may be a good fit for you. We offer a group training course called Practical Pet Protocol at certain locations, which is designed to fit this very purpose.

We Can Resolve ALL Forms of Aggression!

No matter your training needs, Excelsior Dog Training has a program that’s right for you. Any severe or excessive behaviors, including all types of aggression, can be turned around with our in-home training programs. We can also help your puppy adjust to a new home, or help your dog adjust to a new baby. If you’re simply looking for some basic obedience pointers, try our Practical Pet Protocol group classes.

How to Get Started

Learn more about all we have to offer by browsing the website, giving us a call at 718.855.4425 or sending an e-mail our way.