Excelsior Dog Training FAQ’s

For more information please call the office at 718.855.4425 or email us

What is your service area?

Excelsior Dog Training serves the Manhattan/Queens area in New York City. If you’re near that area and aren’t sure if you qualify, give us a call! We’d be happy to discuss our radius with you.

What is your business’s address?

Since Excelsior Dog Training focuses mainly on in-home training, we do not have a brick and mortar location. We do the driving so you don’t have to!

I’ve already tried a dog trainer before. What makes you different?

Many dog trainers know one way to train a dog, and that’s it. We call this “cookie cutter training” and it’s often ineffective. We train according to the dog’s background and needs. We’ve studied canine psychology and history, as well as a number of training methods, so we can find the solution that best fits your dog. We also promise our commitment until the training is complete, rather than on a session by session basis.

Can I pay per session?

We charge one flat fee for the duration of the training. The number of required sessions depends on the dog and the behavioral issues being dealt with. Whether it takes one or one hundred sessions, we will meet your dog’s training goals. This ensures our commitment and also motivates us to complete training as quickly as possible rather than drag it out, as other trainers seem to do. For these reasons, payment must be made up front.

Do you have any dog training education?

Yes. In addition to my own knowledge of and passion for dog training, I’ve been certified through the Canine Trade Group school. During my time with CTG, I studied canine psychology, history, and behavior, as well as training methods. I also gained hands-on experience by training dogs from shelters that may not have been adopted if their behavioral problems were not resolved.

Will you train pit bulls?

I’ll happily help any dog, no matter their age, breed, size, or temperament. I’ve trained Chihuahuas and Rottweilers, puppies and seniors. Breed, age, etc. does not stand in the way of a dog’s ability to be trained.

I’m not sure about Excelsior Dog Training. Is there a way I can try your services before I commit to paying for training?

We are always happy to speak with you about your concerns over the phone or via e-mail, and we will not begin any training without first completing a no-obligation in-home consultation. This consultation allows us to get to know you and your dog a bit better, and it gives us the information we need to create your customized training plan. Only after this meeting, and only after you’ve agreed to the training plan, will we sign a contract for the full training program.

I’m not sure in-home training is right for me. Do you have other options?

For dogs that need nothing more than basic obedience training, we offer a group training program called Practical Pet Protocol.