Queens In-home Dog Training – Customized Training for your Dog!

In-home training is the most effective form of training currently available, and it also happens to be Excelsior Dog Training’s specialty.

Why in-home training?

Group training courses can be effective for teaching basic obedience and helping to hone your dog’s ability to focus on you rather than on distractions, but it’s not very effective for severe behavioral problems. What constitutes a severe behavior problem? Generally, anything that causes you or your pet intense stress. This may be aggression, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, destructive behaviors, excessive barking, leash reactivity, etc. Since these problems originate within the home, and triggers are typically within or around the home, it makes sense for the home to be at the center of the training program.

In-home training also ensures that you, the owner, stay involved in the training. As we teach your dog to focus and listen, we’ll be teaching you how to effectively communicate with your pet. Each in-home training program is customized precisely to fit your dog’s needs, as well as your lifestyle and level of comfort. Commitment is at the core of our training philosophy, meaning your Excelsior trainer will remain dedicated and available to you until the training is complete. And we provide this level of commitment through a unique business model, without breaking the bank.

Certified and Professional

Your Excelsior trainer is certified, experienced, and professional. You can trust that they will know exactly how to help your dog and restore peace and harmony to your home. Techniques that may be used include obedience training, focus training, place training, crate training, proper leash handling techniques, emphasis on socialization, emphasis on exercise, elimination of roaming, and structured scheduling, to name just a few.

However, we won’t know exactly what will work for your dog until we have the chance to meet him or her in person. To arrange a no-obligation in-home consultation, call Excelsior Dog Training at 718.855.4425.